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Engagement Applications

Engagement applications are designed to help employees and managers recognize each other for desirable behaviors. Our platform manages the process from end-to end, including sending rewards, reward redemption, training, communication, and reporting.
We use various techniques such as e-cards, social recognition, and games to make participation fun without increasing your rewards budget. All of our programs include comprehensive reporting on program activity, including optional integrations with third-party software such as HRIS/payroll and wellness trackers.


Behavioral Recognition Programs

These programs facilitate on-the-spot awards given by peers or managers for positive behaviors such as…

  • Acting out company values like customer focus, teamwork, or innovation.
  • Working safely or preventing unsafe working conditions.
  • Healthy actions such as excercising after work or making healthier food choices.

Awards can be monetary or non-monetary, and approval structures can vary among awards depending on your needs. All award types can be administered seamlessly under the same platform.


Milestone Recognition Programs

These programs facilitate automated rewards for milestones, typically service anniversaries & birthdays…

We encourage non-monetary recognition of every milestone through our social recognition capabilities, such as e-cards, news feeds, and badging. Monetary rewards for non-taxable five-year milestones can include gift cards, merchandise, and traditional award pieces.

Performance Applications

Performance applications track activity and reward participants for achieving tangible goals, such as sales numbers or training completion. Common performance programs include dealer/channel and direct sales incentives, wellness, and safety. Our performance programs include elements such as self-reporting of activity, leaderboards, product training, rewards fulfillment, detailed reporting with personalized dashboards, and social elements.


Sales Incentive Programs

Our sales incentive programs provide a fun social interface where users can enter their sales activity, view personalized at-a-glance reporting, and see where they stand on contest leaderboards. We run two main types of sales incentive programs for our clients:

  • Direct Sales Programs: Incentivize your internal or direct sales team to reach revenue goals with structured incentives.
  • Channel or Dealer Programs: Keep your brand top of mind with dealer sales representatives by training them on product features using interactive games and quizzes and by offering incentives. CorporateRewards can collect information on your dealers during program registration, take the sales data from all of your participants, and validate it as needed.
  • All of our sales programs allow you to track participation and performance metrics with a combination of our proprietary business tools and Google analytics.


Behavioral Incentive Programs

Our behavioral incentive programs allow employees to report and track their activities and earn rewards while managers and administrators get valuable reporting capabilities.

  • Wellness Incentive Programs: Offer rewards for completing healthy actions, such as getting a yearly biometric screening, taking a health risk assessment, or attending a nutritional seminar. Incentives can include monetary rewards, deposits into health savings accounts, or premium reduction. Our platform can integrate with your HRIS software or wellness tracking program, or simply receive flat data files.
  • Safety Incentive Programs: Ensuring that employees follow safety procedures means fewer sick days taken, lower workers comp payments, and reduced health insurance premiums. Offer incentives for miles of safe driving, days without a safety incident, incident prevention, etc.


Training and Education

Ensure that your employees are up to date on product features and functionality or procedures, keep track of who has completed training, and even link completion to rewards or non-monetary badges.

Our platform can integrate with your company’s existing learning management system and have the results feed into our reporting module or we can host SCORM-compliant training modules on your site.